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Star Trek GIFs
Animated Star Trek gifs - from all series and films, The Cage to the reboot movies.
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To the past //


So Foundation Imaging created this test sequence for what Voyager’s Aeroshuttle would look like deploying. [video] gifs by me

Although I like the Delta Flyer, it would have made so much more sense for them to have used this.  But I think the producers, 1. didn’t want to mix assets with DS9 (using the runabout interior set) and, 2. seriously thought viewers would confuse this with the captain’s yacht from Insurrection and forget which incarnation of Trek they were viewing.

Oh well.  The Aeroshuttle lives on in my dreams.

(I like how it’s clearly Major Kira in the cockpit interior, because of course Foundation re-used footage from DS9 for this test shot)

Would you have preferred the Aeroshuttle instead of the Delta Flyer?

Was that an attack? You see, you do it so well, with such charm, it’s hard to tell.


This exchange.  Janeway just sort of politely puzzled and concerned about her new first officer’s mental state and Chakotay with his short, clipped responses all ‘so what if she broke someone’s nose? Why would that be an indicator that she’s maybe not the best candidate for chief engineer?’

and then Janeway just changing the subject like ‘ok…. I’m not dealing with this right now’


Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy + Character Tropes

st aos gif meme: favorite characters [1/6] → jim kirk


But Captain I want to fly the ship!

Tom looks so horrified.  He has this sort of worried frown and then he smiles like ‘surely she doesn’t mean to make me part of the medical personnel’