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Star Trek GIFs
Animated Star Trek gifs - from all series and films, The Cage to the reboot movies.
Disclaimer: We only reblog and organize gifs, we do not make our own. All credit goes to the original creators. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with CBS / Paramount. All Star Trek trademarks and logos are owned by CBS Studios Inc.

To the past //


changes in appearance - Benjamin & Jake Sisko

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Captain Geordi LaForge of the USS Challenger attempting to detain fugitives aboard the Delta Flyer.

One of my favorite Voyager episodes.  I like to think they got away with violating the temporal prime directive because all they really changed was an equation in the computer?

The Captains of Star Trek 


Season 2 - Episode 8 ” A Matter of Honor” 

Enterprise 20 Day Challenge | Day 7: Favorite Aliens


The Butcher of Gallitep died six years ago. You’re Aamin Marritza, his filing clerk.

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