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Star Trek GIFs
Animated Star Trek gifs - from all series and films, The Cage to the reboot movies.
Disclaimer: We only reblog and organize gifs, we do not make our own. All credit goes to the original creators. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with CBS / Paramount. All Star Trek trademarks and logos are owned by CBS Studios Inc.

To the past //

 Space: the final frontier.

favourite films of all time - Star Trek (2009)

[Nero] held me responsible for the loss of his world. He captured my vessel and spared my life for one reason: so that I would know his pain. He beamed me here so that I could observe his vengeance.

As he was helpless to save his planet, I would be helpless to save mine. 

Space, the final frontier.


Star Trek scenery.

Billions of lives lost because of me, Jim. Because… I failed.